One Perfect Pitch

At In Crowd Equity we are constantly looking for new ways of making it easier to pitch your business to the right audience and to make a quick and good impression.

We require each company we feature to provide a 3 minute pitch covering your business. You may already have this available or this may be new to you. Check out the link below where these professionals will not only review and help you fine tune your pitch but will also host it for you all at a reasonable cost.

You are a Marketing Director, a Marketing Communications Manager, or a Funded startup CEO looking to refresh your brand storytelling, or create and distribute content marketing that engage your audience.

Hi, I am Marie Perruchet, the founder of One Perfect Pitch.
I told stories for the international media, from TV to radio to print in Europe, in India, in China and in the US. I also helped founders and executives in Silicon Valley hone their pitch and create successful narratives that captivate attention. 
Over the years, I have realized that the #1 problem of my subjects and my business clients was to identify the relevant soundbites and being able to practice their pitch. 
I created a proven methodology – detailed in my upcoming book to be published with McGraw-Hill- that prepares business professionals to advance their career, inspire trust and get more confident when pitching.
Practice with our “Pitching Booth” and get professional feedback, anytime, anywhere, from the convenience of your laptop or tablet.
Because like you, I thrive at projecting trust and professionalism in front of my audience and at amplifying my skills from anywhere in the world

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