What to Look for

cf-headerDifferent people look for different things when investing in early stage companies, and our goal is to make it simple for you to build a portfolio of whatever types of early stage companies you want to back. A few of the things that investors often focus on when looking at an early stage opportunity include:

The Idea. Every company is formed around a concept. Do you understand the business idea, and do you see what problem they’re trying to solve? Do you think they have the right solution for that problem? Is now the right time for this business to grow?

The Team. And, behind every idea there is a team. Do you think they have the right experience to execute the idea? Do they seem dedicated and passionate about growing the business?

Monetisation Strategy. Does the business understand its options for generating revenue? Do you think these options are viable?

Proven Business Model. Does the company have sufficient sales or distribution to demonstrate that their product has the potential for significant sales.

Competition. How competitive is the market place and how are you going to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Market Size. How big is the market, does the size of the market allow you to achieve your objectives. If it is a new market is it realistic that people will migrate from the alternative and how big is the alternative market.

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