Investor Fee – UK only

cf-headerYou pay no fees to In Crowd. We make our money by charging the company 5% of the funds raised. In order to benefit from the upside we invest our own money in every opportunity at the same price as the investor.

Our team works hard from before you make an investment through to the sale of shares, including:

  • Reviewing each and every statement made in campaigns to ensure they are fair, clear and not-misleading. For each statement made, we require evidence to back it up;
  • Assisting with all EIS or SEIS advanced assurance paperwork to ensure investors receive their reliefs;
  • Preparing the relevant legal documentation and conducting all legal due diligence required to complete the round of financing raised on In Crowd, including execution of our subscription agreement and the adoption of our standard articles of association; and
  • Guaranteeing that each company provides quarterly trading reports to investors through the platform and enforcing investor rights afforded to them in the Subscription Agreement.
  • Ongoing support and advice (although we do charge companies a nominal fee for this requirement).

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