Investing with In Crowd

cf-headerIn Crowd makes it simple for you to discover early stage companies that are looking for development or start up capital. Make investments in the ones you like and watch as the businesses you’ve invested in grow, all through a straightforward online platform with your own personal account. 

You will receive your own online account where you will be updated regularly on each company you are invested in. What you will find with most small companies generally is that they are poor on providing feedback and progress reports to their investors. We make this a requirement of the investment and with our ongoing support with each company we engage with so that investors are kept fully informed and feel involved in the progress rather than frustrated. 

We undertake vigorous legal due diligence on every business that is looking to raise money, so you can be rest assured that what they say in their pitch is true and verified. And whenever there is a return on your investment – such as when the business pays a dividend, floats on a stock exchange or is bought by another company – we ensure that the money gets paid directly to you.

  • Easily browse pitches that have completed our rigorous review process which ensures every statement made in a pitch is true and verified.
  • Securely, instantly deposit into your dedicated client money account.
  • Confidently invest from £500 in businesses you choose, receiving your investment back if they do not reach their target.
  • Our shareholders agreement with each business guarantees that investors receive regular post-investment communications, have the right to vote and be as active as you’d like – all through our platform.
  • We actively participate in the monitoring and support of each company to increase the chances of success.
  • As nominee, we deal with all of the legal paperwork and ensure your statutory and contractual shareholder rights are protected with each investment.
  • You are allocated an account manager who you can contact regarding any question you may have.

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