Why Invest in early stage companies

crowdfunding startupsWhy Invest in Growth Opportunities?

There are many different reasons people invest in early stage growth opportunities.

They can be highly profitable. Historically, early stage companies as an asset class have produced significantly higher returns than other asset classes such as government bonds, property and quoted shares. The distribution of returns has been skewed, meaning that most early stage companies fail, and a few successes have contributed to nearly all of the profits. But with a diversified portfolio, you have the potential to grow your capital significantly more than you could in many other asset classes. 

It’s a chance to be a part of the next big thing. You can invest in businesses you like or see great potential in from throughout Europe and the US, follow their progress as they grow and get credit and recognition for having been one of the first people to spot and support them. And, if you’d like, you can get involved with businesses as a mentor or supporter. 

You can help drive innovation and growth. Investing allows you to support great ideas and entrepreneurs who will make a difference to the way we all do things, innovate tired industries, help create jobs and contribute to economic growth – both in your local community and from further afield.

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