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10 Reasons why In Crowd is different to other Crowd Funding platforms?

In Crowd is the new kid on the block in a rapidly growing sector. It is therefore a reasonable question to ask why we are different to the other crowd funders out there. Well to start with we have no intention of being another ‘me too’ player in this market. We have big ambitions to grow our company internationally. We already have an office and presence in the US and our platform will be launching there early part of 2015. We have patiently waited on the side lines of an exciting sector to work out how we are going to offer a service that will result in three key objectives. One; better quality opportunities that have a greater chance of success, two; exposure to opportunities from exciting markets like the US and finally; excellent customer service for our members. Only time will tell but we are confident of the future now we have our path clearly defined.

Here are some of the key differentiating factors from our competitors:

  1. Online personal account for each member
  2. Account manager allocated to every member
  3. Membership card which allows for among other things entry to our Pitch and Put Dragon’s Den style events up and down the country 
  4. Opportunity to meet companies through regular networking events
  5. Management team of entrepreneurs and angels
  6. Ongoing support and monitoring of investments
  7. Investment committee requiring extensive due diligence
  8. A focused selection of opportunities – no more than 4 at any one time
  9. Lowest fees in the market place
  10. We invest in all the companies we feature personally

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