Why In Crowd

In Crowd makes it simple and straightforward for you to raise investment for your business online. 

One Legal Shareholder

If an investment is completed in your company, we act as the sole legal shareholder (nominee administrator) for your crowd of investors. You can still reach out to your investors for advice, mentorship and connections – either through our post-investment pages or offline – but we do all the legal paperwork, administration and ensure investors are protected while allowing your business to grow. You only have to get in touch with In Crowd for votes, consents and other formal shareholder matters, which we manage.

Raising Future Funding

This is not just about making your life easier. This structure is also a critical element to ensuring that your company can raise further funding in the future. Private company finance can be complex, and often various consents, waivers and other unanimous shareholder actions are needed for a company to raise additional money. If getting a consent depends on tracking down hundreds of investors all over the country (or the world), then consents will never be obtained, and it is highly likely that the financing won’t be able to go through. Countless angels and VCs have advised that if they saw a widely-scattered group of shareholders with no nominee in place, they would be deeply reluctant to make an investment in the company. This can make it impossible to raise further capital.

Support and Validation of the Crowd

If your company raises capital through In Crowd, that usually means that a few dozen to hundreds of investors have voted with their wallets that you’re on to something big. What better validation could you get than that? And, after you raise your money, each investor has a vested interest in your success. You can turn to them for advice and connections, through the platform or offline, and they’ll often be your earliest adopters and brand advocates.

Leverage Existing Base of Supporters

It can be prohibitively expensive for your friends and family to invest in your company offline. But, In Crowd provides a platform that allows you to leverage your existing base of supporters for investing smaller amounts. This is an opportunity to invite them to share the risks and rewards of your dedication and hard work!

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