We charge companies a fee of 5% of the money they successfully raise through In Crowd. Unlike other platforms and many traditional angel networks, we do not charge companies a fee to seek investment or any other associated fees. Our fee model ensures that entrepreneurs only have to pay us if they raise money through us.

In addition we also require a share option in the company. This means that we have an option to pay for shares in the company at the same valuation as the investors. 

Finally we will require a director or someone to attend board meetings to report to our investors. This monitoring fee is 5,000 per annum. You will however receive ongoing support and advice from an experienced entrepreneur.  

So, what do you get for your 5% fee? If you successfully raise investment for your company, our internal legal and review team proceed with:

  • Helping you setup or re-structure your company with a structure that best suits your business;
  • Assisting with all EIS or SEIS paperwork;
  • Assisting with any necessary reorganisation of your capital structure;
  • Preparing the relevant legal documentation required to complete the round of financing raised on In Crowd, including execution of our standard subscription agreement and the adoption of our standard form articles of association, board minutes and shareholder resolutions;
  • Ensuring that any intellectual property owned by individuals is transferred to the company and outstanding director loans are dealt with in an appropriate way before closing;
  • Completing your corporate register and preparing all of the necessary statutory filings that may be required; and
  • And, working with you to provide quarterly trading reports to investors and acting on their behalf when you require consents or votes.

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