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In Crowd Equity focuses on identifying high growth businesses which have the potential of making significant impact in their sector and where an exit via a trade sale or IPO are realistic possibilities from the outset.

Unlike many crowd funding platforms we are not looking for start ups exclusively as this is a high risk area. Our focus will be on early stage businesses which have demonstrated that their business model is robust. This strategy does not exclude start ups but they will be the minority of our offerings.

In addition-our aim is to provide opportunities to our members that are based in both the US and also the UK. We are more focused on US tech opportunities as we see this as the area most likely to deliver strong growth. Further, our investment committee will conduct extensive due diligence on each opportunity before they are offered to our members.

However, unlike other platforms we intend to offer support to our companies by both monitoring these investments and also providing ongoing support and advice. Many early stage companies have inexperienced management teams and therefore require a helping hand and someone to ensure that the investment is utilized in the way that it was intended. This approach goes hand in hand with keeping our members updated with the progress of each of their investments.  

Our Aim

We are on a mission to be one of the leading crowd funding businesses in all of the markets that we operate in. Our objective is to build a loyal membership base of investors who have an appetite for such investment opportunities and together find the future stars of tomorrow.

Our Team

Our team is based in London, UK and New York, USA. We have a board of directors who are experienced in both establishing, investing in and running small businesses. We feel it is imperative that in order to identify good companies and provide support with the ongoing management of these companies-that the team involved in this process has hands on experience with both angel investing and running small growth businesses. Our team utilizes outside advisers where necessary. However, unlike many of our competitors-we are a team of hands on entrepreneurs and angel investors.

In addition we utilize an investment committee who vet all the opportunities before presenting these to the board.  This adds an added layer of due diligence to the opportunities that are presented to our members.

The Opportunities

Crowd funding is a relatively new phenomenon and we believe this represents a prime opportunity to invest in growth companies at competitive valuations where there is a good chance of significant capital appreciation.

We have a large number of contacts in the small company arena both in the US and the UK. Our deals are introduced from professionals such as accountants, lawyers and banks tie up with incubator and co-working organizations. We also employ direct approaches and inquiries from our website. Many of the platforms offer numerous investment opportunities-some more than ten at any one time. We have taken the opposite approach and only intend to provide up to four opportunities at any one time. The reason why we do this is that we prefer to offer companies to our investors that have undergone extensive due diligence. By providing a more focused selection of companies, we are expecting that our hit rate will be above average and far superior to our competitors.

Many of our UK investments benefit from very attractive tax breaks such as the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) where investors can mitigate any loss up to 105% of the capital they invest. This is once in a generation tax break makes investing in these opportunities far more attractive and protects your down side. 

We highly recommend that members spread their risk by investing in a number of opportunities and that they do not invest more than 10% of their capital (excluding your place of residence) into this asset class.

Our fees are the lowest in the market place so that investee companies receive as much capital as possible to grow their business. We are not looking to make advisers rich just the companies we invest in. In addition we look to take share options in the target companies and invest our own funds into each business we select.


Benefits of membership:

• Access to some of the best early stage companies in the market place
• Membership card that allows you free access to our One Chance Shark Tank/Dragon’s Den style events all over the country or via video link
• Access to video pitches on each company seeking finance
• Your own online account which will allow you to receive regular updates from your company, news, valuations and other relevant information
• Monthly In Crowd Newsletter
• Hot line to your designated In Crowd account manager to answer your question on both new and existing investments or other questions you may have.

We want to make investing in early stage companies both exciting and easy. It is all well and good making investing faceless and electronic but we find people still need the personal touch when it comes to investing their money. We look to achieve a fine balance between offering a personal service plus making our platform easy to use and informative.

The UK’s SEIS scheme is one of the most attractive tax breaks offered in the early stage business market. You are able to claim up to 105% of your capital if the investment fails. This makes investing in early stage businesses a much more viable proposition depending on your tax status. 

There are no obligation to becoming a member of In Crowd and you will get to see a number of opportunities many of which may not be suitable. But nothing ventured nothing gained.

Investing in early stage growth companies can be highly lucrative and exciting and with many of them benefiting from attractive tax breaks.

In Crowd provides you with a simple, straightforward way to discover and invest in exciting growth opportunities. You get to choose which company you want to invest in and get to view a three minute video pitch from each company we offer to clients.
We do the work to complete and manage the entire investment process as well as support the companies in their ongoing development and provide you with regular updates. Our opportunities come both from the US and UK with many of the UK opportunities benefiting from extensive tax breaks (see SEIS). 

In addition we hold a number of live events up and down the country where you can meet new companies who pitch in a Shark Tank/Dragon’s Den style format plus meet some of the companies you have invested in.

It is important that you are not left alone in this market and therefore we allocate you with an account manager who is on the end of the telephone if you have a question

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